A Swinging New Year’s Eve

Alyson and Jack are shocked when their close friends, Kari and Garett, confess they are swingers. They thought swinging went out with the 70s, like disco and shag carpeting. However, after hearing their friends’ reasons for opening their marriage to other partners, Alyson can’t stop thinking that a little experimentation might be just the thing to shake things up in her own marriage. Alyson fears Jack’s reaction if she brings up the outlandish suggestion, but little does she know her husband has been thinking along the same lines. The couple decides to attend a New Year’s Eve party with Kari and Garett, and Alyson must decide if she can buck a lifetime of following the rules to become a risk taker. And can Jack handle seeing his wife with another man? Strangely, the prospect excites him as much as it frightens him.


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