Best Hotwife Erotica vol.3: Caught!

Five sizzling new stories from the undisputed masters of the Hotwife genre. Kirsten McCurran, Kenny Wright, Arnica Butler, Max Sebastian, and Ben Boswell have prepared a batch of brand new tales of naughty wives with dirty desires, and their devoted husbands. When these wives are bad, things get good—very good—for their husbands.

One wife sneaks away for a sexy photo shoot, only to be followed by her husband, who finds he desperately wants the photographer to get hands on.

Another wife misbehaves while her husband is away, and when she’s caught, she’s shocked to find her husband encouraging her to continue the affair.

A third pretty young wife catches her husband sharing their intimate photos and decides to teach him a lesson by really showing off for the neighbor—never guessing how things can get out of hand.

A husband goes crazy with suspicion that his wife is sleeping with another man—only to discover it’s not what thinks at all! His clever wife has been leading him by the nose.

And finally, sometimes you’re not paranoid, everyone is against you, as one unfortunate husband learns when he discovers his wife has a hand in his undoing.