Domestic Bliss

When Gary loses his job and becomes a stay-at-home dad he knows it will change his life, but he could never have guessed the ways it would change life for all those around him. Alexandra, his wife, returns to practicing law—and returns to wearing the kind of sexy business attire she knows will bring the attention she craves.

And then there are Gary and Alexandra’s best friends, Maggie and Adam. Adam has always had a thing for Alexandra, and he uses after work happy hours to flirt with her mercilessly. Meanwhile back at home, Maggie teaches Gary the ropes of being an at-home parent and the two grow closer than ever.

Will these two couples cross lines and break their vows, or will they come together and agree upon an arrangement that fulfills everyone’s desires? When two couples become so intertwined, what does domestic bliss really mean?

Cover design by Kenny Wright