Her Other Husband: The Complete Series

A moment’s foolishness leads to an illicit kiss and a torrid affair follows.
Kelly and Danny have a past, but now they are just close friends who are married to others and are the stay-at-home parents. One afternoon they share a kiss and while Kelly hopes she can leave it at that, Danny wants more and she finds it’s too difficult to tell him no. Over the course of 5 stories, Kelly gets deeper and deeper into the affair, giving into her basest desires, while trying to justify her behavior and hold onto her marriage. Can Kelly come to her senses and do the right thing? Or is she destined to remain Danny’s lover until they destroy the lives they’ve built?
This book contains all five stories that comprised Kirsten McCurran’s popular Her Other Husband series: Snap Decision, Kissing in a Tree, Kelly Crosses the Line, Kelly Can’t Help It and Kelly’s Last Date.