Kayla Captivated: The Club

Kayla and Russ worry for their friends Lila and Blake when Lila loses her pharma rep job…until they learn about Lila’s new gig. Lila is falling back on her old skills and working the pole, as she did back in college. Once Kayla and Russ get past the shock that their friend used to be a stripper–and is doing it again–their curiosity gets the better of them. The couple joins Blake to check out Lila while she’s working. Kayla’s never been to a strip club before, and she finds it much more stimulating than she could have guessed. Russ is unsure as she sees his wife transformed from typical suburban mom into a sexy vixen determined to live this experience to its fullest. Once this genie is out of the bottle, can it ever be put back in?