Shoot the Messenger

A favor to his wife Haley turns Matt’s life upside down. Matt is fixing her computer when an instant message comes through from an old flame, Travis, her college boyfriend. Haley and Travis had a wild, crazy time together, and their affair burned so hot, it had to burn out. It’s a time in her life that Matt has always been obsessed with, so seeing Travis pop up in their lives again sends Matt into a tailspin.

Matt watches in fascinated horror as Travis digitally seduces Haley. The old Haley, up for anything, comes out again, and Matt feels that old obsession return. Thoughts of Haley being with Travis again drive arouse and tear him apart. And Travis will get a chance to have his way when they all attend a wedding together. Can Haley resist her ultimate temptation? And will Matt stand by and let her go through with it just to satisfy his own twisted fantasies?