Tempted by Tickets: A Fiancee Exchanged

Pete’s problems started with a tongue-in-cheek social media post:

ISO 2 playoff tickets. I have a bottle of Sam Adams Millennial in its original case, original pressings of all the Beatles albums, a disassembled Indian bike in the garage & a hot fiancée. I’d go with the beer.

Pete thought no one would take it seriously. He didn’t count on Erik to make an offer… for his fiancée, Noelle.

Noelle should have been upset that she was bartered. Instead, it taps into darker desires she’s kept hidden from Pete. Could she do it? Would she? She really wanted to see that game!

A plan was made, turning Pete & Noelle’s relationship on its head. Will Pete & Noelle be the same afterward, or will he lose her to his old college rival Erik? Pete has no choice but to find out.